Low Emission Product Line

Style 2236

Premium Low Emissions Valve Packing, Wire Reiforced

Style 2236 is ideal for valves and can be used within a broad range of applications. It is well suited for power plants, refineries, petrochemical industries, chemical processing as well as sealing applications in steam at high pressure and temperatures.

This product is self-lubricating, non-hardening, dimensionally stable and resistant to gases and fluids as well as heat, pressure and chemicals. The Inconel® filament jacket affords mechanical stability and resists extrusion. The advanced construction provides leakage control and has high integrity in steam service.

  • Certified Low-Leakage Packing Technology
  • TA-Luft approved
  • Suitable to VOC and VHAP emissions regulation
  • Environmentally friendly valve stem packing with extreme emissions control
  • API 622
  • API 607


913M-LE Low Emission Spiral Wound

The Metalflex 913M-LE spiral wound gasket is a major improvement on the traditional ASME B16.20 design. Where the traditional design is based primarily on dimensional criteria, the 913M-LE takes this and adds proven low-emission performance. Teadit Research & Development has discovered that density of the sealing element, a well-defined preformed metallic strip, and an enhanced soft filler material configuration, along with mandatory outer and inner rings, together play key roles in achieving sealing ability which can meet even the most stringent fugitive emission requirements. Furthermore, the design provides low-emission performance at a level significantly below the minimum ASME seating stress rating for spiral wound gaskets – making the 913M-LE a truly low seating stress design!

  • Reliability - High Pressures
  • Sealability - Very Low Emission


Spiral Wound: Conventional vs. New Technology - Metalflex 913M-LE
Increase of metal windings, higher density

Material and Dimension per ASME B 16.20.


EcoTape - Thread seal tape made from Expanded PTFE combined with Graphite

Description and Application

ECOtape-LE® is manufactured to provide an advanced structural matrix which incorporates Graphite into the Expanded PTFE. Due to the excellent properties of PTFE and graphite, this combination ensures a wide degree of chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, excellent heat dissipation due to the high thermal conductivity of graphite and superior mechanical resistance.

Our unique manufacturing process provides the final product a high degree of integrity proven to supply the best sealing solution for thread seal tape.

  • ZERO Emissions
  • ENVIRONMENTAL Protection

Service Limits:

Temperature ºF (ºC)
Minimum: -400 (-240)
Maximum: 518 (270)
Short Term: 590 (310)
Pressure psi (bar)
Maximum: 2900 (200)
Minimum: 0
Maximum: 14


5/8 in (16 mm) 82 ft (25 m)




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