Welded Gaskets


For over 20 years TEADIT has been welding large size PTFE-gaskets and PTFE envelope gaskets. We enhanced this practical knowledge, the technology and materials to provide customers with gaskets in big dimensions (larger than sheet size) made from our structured TF materials. Our precisely manufactured welded gaskets achieve the same tightness classes as gaskets made from one single piece.


  • - Same leakage classes as gaskets cut from one piece.
  • - Gaskets in diameters far beyond sheet size are possible.
  • - Maximum material yield by producing gaskets from welded segments, therefore more economical.
  • - TEADIT welded gaskets are manufactured true to size. This results in fast and easy installation, as such close tolerances cannot be achieved by welding the gasket on site.

Application areas:

  • - Equipment which requires gaskets bigger than the available sheet(s).
  • - Big welded gaskets are optimizing material cost.

By research and testing TEADIT provided evidence that welded gaskets made from TEADIT TF materials, in terms of leakage, show no difference to gaskets cut from one piece. In test results it can be seen that at an applied gasket pressure of 20MPa both the welded and the single-piece gasket reach a leakage class of 10-2 mg / (s·m).

At a gasket pressure of 40MPa both types of gaskets reach a leakage class of 10-4 mg / (s·m). Tests have been carried out according to DIN EN 13555 at room temperature with Helium at an internal pressure of 40bar.






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