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As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of sealing materials, TEADIT® produces spiral wound gaskets in different locations world wide. The biggest production site is located in Brazil where TEADIT® manufactures spiral wound gaskets already since 1965.

Material O.D. Ring Color
304 Stainless Steel Yellow
316L Stainless Steel Green
317L Stainless Steel Maroon
321 Stainless Steel Turquoise
347 Stainless Steel Blue
Monel® Orange
Nickel Red
Titanium Purple
Alloy 20 Black
Inconel®600 Gold
INCOLOY® 800 White
Material Strip Color
PTFE White
Flexible Graphite Gray
Ceramic Lt. Green
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Spiral Wound Gasket Styles


The construction of this gasket is made of circular metal windings with filler and an outer guide ring. The standard pipe size gaskets are made to ASME B16.20 or EN 1514 (see also style 913M).

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The 913M is the standard spiral wound gasket with an inner and outer ring. The purpose of the innerring is to fill out the space between the flanges, avoiding turbulence in the flow of the fluid or as protection against corrosion or erosion. It is also used as a compression limit. Gaskets with PTFE filler have a tendency to buckle inward, thus the use of an inner ring is required by ASME B16.20 or EN 1514. Inner rings are also required with ASME standard spiral wound gaskets with flexible graphite fillers unless the purchaser specifies otherwise and some sizes and pressure class require inner rings regardless of filler material.

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Bolting calculation

 "m" value"y" value (psi)
913 - 913M 3.0 10,000
Stainless Steel or Monel with Graphite or PTFE filling

Spiral Wound Gasket Datasheet




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