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Teadit receives, in Europe, Basf's qualification for the use of Tealon

BASF, a German chemical industry and one of the largest companies in the world in its field, recognized, in Europe, quality and performance of Teadit Tealon products. Tealon is used in the manufacture of sealing gaskets for applications in chemically aggressive products. 

BASF signed a contract with Teadit and included the approval of the products in its SPEC (technical specification of products approved for use) after performing various analyzes and certify the product performance in their applications.  

The study conducted by BASF aimed to evaluate the different alternatives of PTFE products, which offer superior quality and high reliability characteristics. Thus, after evaluating the performance of Teadit products, BASF has ratified the qualification of Teadit as supplier and expanded the approved Tealon products.





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